Welcome to the land of Light.

The Far End Universe is an ever-expanding fantasy universe that houses more than 50+ characters and counting. At first, it was created to tell a single story, but has since grown into the world it is today. While it mainly has a focus on fantasy themes, it also lightly explores a few sci-fi themes as well.

Please note that there are no plans to make this universe into a fully comprehensible series, as this is a universe extremely personal to its creator.

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The History of Far End

During the days of my youth, I never actually had an original universe of my own. Instead, I had a crossover universe that would shape itself according to which characters I wanted to draw and/or write. It was not limited to just OCs, it was open to pretty much every single character I liked.

Far End is essentially a spiritual successor to that universe. Due to the vast amount of characters all living in the same universe, it opens up the possibility of crossover between characters who wouldn't normally meet in their storylines.

The Far End Universe was created in January of 2018. Originally it was created to tell the story of Val, Mattie, and the deities of Azadia. But it has since expanded into a much larger world with many tales and lots of lore.

As I grow as a creator, so too will this universe.

Many characters have come and gone, some had multiple redesigns, some had stayed mostly unchanged. The universe is ever changing, so feel free to check back every now and again to see what's new!

what's new?