Full Name
Damon Soleil


July 24, 1978



Creation Date
December 24, 2017



being alone, hot weather, reading, working out, taking long walks

rain, cold weather, syringes, hospitals, being asked invasive questions

Damon is very reserved and will only speak when first spoken to, or if he finds it necessary. He prefers to avoid large crowds of people and keep to himself. Large, open spaces is where he feels most free.

He struggles with anger issues and is very prone to blowing up (quite literally) if pushed far enough over the edge. Many people are intimidated by his size and power, and so he doesn't really have much friends.


Damon was born with a magic mutation that caused him to have more magic energy than the average person. Combined with his element being that of the Flame element, his life was incredibly chaotic, and it hindered his normal lifestyle. He could not go a single day without accidentally setting something on fire, and it was detrimental to himself and his family.

A certain class of doctor/scientists had offered to help relieve his magic problems by decreasing his magic energy, but that only made it worse. It instead only caused himself to burn up if he doesn't use his magic powers enough.

As he got older, he learned to keep his magic somewhat under control, but he still manages to burn something every once in a while. Nowadays he prefers to go out into the barren wilderness to let out some magic steam, as a stress relief. It helps him stay alive.


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