Full Name
Atlas Kestrel


October 3rd, 1999



Creation Date
March 12, 2019



writing, cold weather, hot cocoa, pastries, cats

topics about death, mirrors, vehicles

Atlas has always been a quiet kid, but when he's around his friends, he's a little bit more energetic. He's very kind and considerate and always wants the best for his friends.

However, Atlas also has the tendency to shut himself out of conversation most of the time—a sign that he's wallowing in his own depression. He has difficulty with coping with his emotions and ends up isolating himself as to avoid bothering others with his problems.


If people could be born with bad luck, then Atlas is definitely one of those people. Getting into a car crash as a young toddler and losing his eye, losing his older sibling when he was only 12, then ending up having to deal with bad gifted kid burnout, Atlas has had a pretty rough and traumatic childhood. His trauma had rendered him unable to ride any sort of vehicle, lest he gets a panic attack from being in one. And to further rub salt into his many wounds, it seems like he's being haunted by something otherworldly.

Having to live on his own, trying to get by as he studies, he's now seemingly haunted by some sort of entity, and it's somewhat infused as part of him while it stays as well. Unless you want to have the feeling of sharp glass getting stabbed into your finger, be wary when trying to make contact with his skin while the entity is present...


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