The road ahead

Posted on February 1, 2024

So, let's talk about the website, shall we?

I've been brainstorming a couple ideas for my website. As it stands right now I'm a little bit disappointed in how a lot of my layouts look. I feel like I could make something cooler, something more flashy and interesting to look at. Now that I properly know how to make a mobile-only layout, I think I could probably fix up the look of my website for desktop to make it less... scroll-y. (Sorry to mobile users, but it won't look as interesting on your end. I hope you'll still appreciate how it looks right now, though.)

The "OC" area of my website will MOSTLY be unaffected because I got kinda tired of re-doing the layout every few months because of dissatisfaction. Thankfully, the current new layout for the character pages are layouts I'm actually VERY proud of, so I won't really have to do insane amount of work rewriting multiple individual pages with slightly different info! In the future I do plan on adding things to said pages like an outfit slider and galleries, but that's a project that's going to happen a LOT further down the line.

Shrines, however, ARE included in the inevitable "layout overhaul" because I think my shrines, more specifically my first two shrines dedicated to CotND and MAD RAT, are kind of boring at the moment. I just feel like I could add more to them, yaknow?

Those are just a couple of ideas I have, but it might take a while for me to get around to working on them. I'm still working on reuploading characters to my OC archive (and have actively been working on improving a lot of my character designs in general) and I want to prioritize that first. After I've reuploaded all that I'm able to reupload, I'll probably work on cleaning up a lot of my code and making it look a lot more interesting. I've learned a lot about coding since I started this website, so I want to fix up a lot of my old messy code from when I started.

I've mostly just been looking at other artistic websites for inspiration, as I've been in a massive pit for the past couple of months. And as I continue to wallow in fear and uncertainty of the future, lost and searching for purpose, I've been thinking about what I want to do with myself. My artistic motivation has severely plummeted way back in September, and I've barely been able to muster anything to create something worth sharing with the world. But I've slowly been building myself back up, so maybe one day I'll get to a place where I can love my art again.

Also, apparently the site has reached 200k views recently? Thanks! I'm glad my site was interesting enough for some people to want to sift through a bit. I hope you'll stick around for whatever I have in store for the future.

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