Happy (late) 1 year anniversary!

Posted on April 1st, 2023

(No, this isn't an April Fools joke. I'm not really interested in doing anything for that outside of friend circles lmao)

Wow, it's already been a year since I started up my website! I randomly decided on a whim that I'd make a Neocities site for my art on March 28th, 2022 and I'm still trying to think of ways I could develop it further. I'd say I've come pretty far since then, but I also haven't really been able to update my website much recently due to a lack of motivation and also just my day job keeping me way too busy. If anything I feel like I still have a long road in front of me.

So, what's been happening?

Well for starters, I kinda injured my foot really bad a few days ago. This was kind of the start of me wanting to work on something I needed to work on, which is fixing up my way of life. While I'm recovering I can't really go out and do stuff. I can't walk very far without starting to feel pain. So I kind of decided I wanted to stop scrolling through social media all the time. It's been working pretty alright for me, but it's also left me to think about myself and who I want to be again. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm very prone to disassociating really badly when it comes to thinking about life.

TL;DR I'm going to start becoming less active in public social media spaces. Most likely I'm going to start unlinking my other social media accounts outside of Artfight and Neocities. Though I'm not really sure what I'll do with my art yet. I might end up posting them on this here site. I'll probably see how I feel later on.

I feel like most of this doesn't really relate to this site all that much, but I just felt like throwing my current thoughts out there.

Also, even after a couple months, yes I'm still really obsessed with AniPoke. My favourite character may be retired but he still adventures on in my heart and also in my brain.

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