Hello again

Posted on August 9, 2023

It's been a while! I didn't realize how long it's been since I last had a proper update. I thought I'd catch y'all up on what's been happening with me. Strap in, because this is gonna be a pretty long one.

I've been in a massive creative funk for the past couple of months, and it's even prevented me from participating in Artfight to the level that I was originally hoping I could. Couldn't get myself to draw or code or anything... just played Taiko and Muse Dash all day. :P This month might be different, though! I've been having kind of an "interest soft reset" in July. I feel like I've been stuck rotating and circling between the same 5 interests for years. Having found something new to watch and enjoy has seem to have revitalized my creative drive a little bit. (Although I feel like I'm being pretty annoying about said new interest to my friends. Sorry about that lol. If you know, you know)

And it's the same on the musical end as well. I've probably been listening to the same 200 songs over and over again. Using Spotify's Discover Weekly I managed to find a ton of cool new songs! Hoping next week'll be good too. I don't usually look at Discover Weekly since I already know most of what I like, but did also find one of my all-time favourite bands from it, so... maybe I should have more faith in it?

As for this website, I've noticed it's grown quite a lot since I've last properly checked in. It's kind of scary, but also exciting! According to Neocities it's been viewed over 80k times. That's a lot of people, to me. Though half of that might've just been from me checking to make sure the site actually works.

Right now, I'm still not really sure where to go from here with it... all I've got planned is more OC content. But one thing I've thought about having is a downloadables section. Specifically for Figura Playermodels! If you don't know what Figura is, it's a Minecraft mod that allows you to have unique playermodels. It's totally client-side, but if other people are using Figura on a server, you'll be able to see each others' models. The playermodels are created in the free modelling program Blockbench.

The reason why is because a couple of months ago I created this Figura model of Don-CHAN from Taiko no Tatsujin that got a lot of attention on Tumblr, more than I'm used to. And I've seen a lot of comments saying they'd like to have it, which makes me pretty happy! Unfortunately I can't fulfill that at the moment, as it's got some tweaking that needs to be done. But maybe one day!

After that post took off, I modified the model a bit and fixed a bit of the textures since they looked pretty flat. Also, his face doesn't turn anymore. His entire drum body is solitary.

Since this is my first fully-functional Figura model with proper pivoting that isn't humanoid, there are a lot of quirks to it, such as swimming and crouching. If I could figure out how to do custom animations to make them look proper, I might release it. Unless people are okay with the animations being weird or awkward. I personally find them quite funny.

Recently I've made another custom model. It's modeled around the basic Minecraft avatar, but I'm pretty proud of how it's come out! It's a custom model of my own Minecraft persona, Waltz the Guardian.

...If it isn't obvious already, my current main interest is Minecraft and other Minecraft-related media. I've been playing a lot of the game with friends with mods, since the Vanilla game gets old pretty quick for me now... I just can't play without mods anymore. Especially with mods like Figura existing, lol.

But, yeah! That's where I'm at right now. I'm still not exactly sure what to do for the site at the moment. I'd love to do more, since I can never really consider this site "finished" at all. Actually, it's pretty far from it. Perhaps I might update some old code? Or possibly optimize some of it in a way?? Maybe make some of the shrines I've been meaning to make??? We'll see what happens!

And thanks to everyone who's looked at the site and left a message in the guestbook, by the way! I check it a lot, so when there's a new message in there I get really happy. That's all! Hope you guys are having a good one!

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