Posted on October 9th, 2022

Wow, 20k views... it's hard to believe that that many people have seen my personal web project! Granted I feel like half of those views might've just come from me testing to see if website content would work, but even still, that's a lot of eyes!

I initially started this website because I wanted to have a proper portfolio and shareable OC storage space that wasn't in the form of a Google Drive, or Toyhouse... (i'm sorry I just did not like using that website ^^;) When I caught wind of Neocities on Tumblr I decided to try it out. HTML has been a real ride to learn and figure out, and I'm still learning things even to this day. (hell, I had to look up some code stuff just for this brand new section) Don't even get me started on JavaScript...

But anyway, I'm really happy with how far this website has come. To think that just a few months ago I was still having trouble with even making my website look the way I wanted it to, lol. In celebration, I've decide to make this journal section! Journal updates will probably be incredibly irregular, but I'm looking forward to writing more. It'll probably be small stuff like site updates, upcoming stuff, and occasional posts about my life.

In addition to the new section, here are some of the website's first screenshots, just for fun!

From the Neocities HTML tutorial

First steps

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