October updates

Posted on October 18th, 2022

So, here's a thing I've been wanting to do ever since I wanted to make a journal: monthly updates. While not necessarily on set days of every month, I just want to make an effort to post once a month, so.. here we are. These types of journal posts are probably gonna be kind of aimless.

I watched the first finale special for The Owl House yesterday, and it was giving me a lot of inspiration for my own OC world. The show in general has been kind of a big inspiration for my own OC content. That's not usually something that happens for most media I consume! I think it's because the framework of the world and story is pretty similar to my own. It's a pretty neat coincidence, considering I started up my OC universe 2 years before The Owl House first started airing.

Though, I don't think that I could ever give up my original content to a company... especially hearing about the horror stories from within the animation industry. Cut costs, rushed endings, generally corporate bigwigs meddling with people's passion projects and ruining them... it's just really sad to hear about. It hurts to know that this show got cancelled by the higher ups because it didn't fit the "family friendly Disney brand". Fuck Disney. For real.

As for whatever's going on in my personal life, well it's not going as good as I wished it was. I don't think I've ever dreaded going to work more than I ever have this month. I'm planning on quitting soon because it's just left me in a lot of pain and dread recently. I guess it's on me for applying to a very physical job with terrible work hours. :P

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