Fallout with Social Media

Posted on November 10, 2023

Hi! ...I'm not very good with keeping things up to date, am I?

It's been a hot minute... again. There's a lot that's been happening in my life lately. Mostly just work, but some other stuff as well. TL;DR I've gotten very, very addicted to playing Minecraft thanks to my Hermitcraft and Life Series hyperfixation... the website has been sitting in the back of my mind since then... But I haven't forgotten about it. I keep telling myself that I should do some art and work on site stuff, but it never happens because my brain always wanders, and I can't seem to get into the art zone as of late. So I just end up playing Minecraft for like, 6 hours straight.

But that's not really all of it...

See, I've been trying to reduce my time on social media for the past... 2-3 months. I still keep up with huge current world news, as that's kind of unavoidable, so don't worry about that kind of stuff. It's just that every time I would go on Tumblr or Twitter, I'd end up feeling incredibly down on myself, because I would always see people going at each other's throats. Like... honestly, I just don't need to see the bigotry, yaknow? You don't have to blast someone for being stupid, it just gives them more publicity. Block and ignore. That's all you need to really do. But it's all I would ever see on social media. So I decided back in August that I would just... cut myself out entirely. I'd still post some of my art on Tumblr, but honestly? I'm kind of considering stopping that as well..? I know it can help with boosting my platform, but I just... don't think that's the way, yaknow? Maybe I'll find a new home that's more cozier than Tumblr or Twitter. I'm not sure.

I've gone on without it long enough that now every time I try to log onto Tumblr or Twitter, it just hurts. Like, I genuinely start to cringe when I log onto there. It's kind of strange. But I suppose it's for the best. Tumblr was basically my only social connection for... years. And it's poisoned my brain very, very badly. Though I will admit, I have met all of my friends and even my partner on Tumblr, but... Listen, if you're 13 or something, just... don't go on social media, if you can help it. It's not good for you.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. I was thinking of drawing or coding after I wrote this but I'm probably just going to end up playing Minecraft again or something, LOL. Peace for now. ✌

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