November updates

Posted on November 30th, 2022

Kind of a late update! I've been really busy, so I haven't really found the time to work on my website. My life hasn't really been super interesting as of recent, but for now I hope this will suffice.

Earlier in the month I got back into watching Vinny Vinesauce after about 2 years of absence from the stream due to real life circumstances. The Among Us VR stream really did something to me. That was probably the most I've laughed at anything in a good while. It feels like I'm 15 again, except without all the baggage and cringe from being a 15 year old.

I've also been getting super into pixel art this month. It started out in a group draw session, with me drawing a pixel-ish Darkshroom. It then evolved into me trying to emulate the style of Nintendo DS sprites in MediBang with my own mascot/sona. And now it's gotten to the point, where I have now purchased Asperite so that I could make pixel art more easily and more better. Here's a short, simple pixel animation I made in Asperite in a couple of hours:

I'm still learning the program and I've obviously got a long way to go before I could make some really good pixel art, but I'm having fun with it so far! The animation tool is pretty simple to understand, and I enjoy it a lot. I might try to make more animated stuff in the future, but animation takes a long time to do in general... so it might be a rare occurence.

Also, this is a pretty informal way of saying, but... I've apparently reached 30k views as of writing this, which is pretty neat. That's a lot of eyes that have seen my site! I'm going to keep on working on it and try to make everything the best it can be.

Thanks so much!

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