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Posted on December 9th, 2022

I've actually been super sick the past few days, but it's given me some chance to work on my website, despite mega headaches and dry eyes. If you haven't seen, I've finally finished my Mad Rat Dead shrine, so if you wanna go check that out you can do so here! This journal entry isn't about that, though.

The Game Awards happened. That was... an event? I'm going to be real, I was only barely paying attention, and it was mostly so that I could see if I could win one of those free Steam Decks they were giving out every minute of the show. (I didn't really think I was going to with the amount of people in that stream, but I thought it'd be funny if I somehow did.)

I was kind of hoping for more Silksong news, but as all Hollow Knight fans have come to expect in every game presentation, there was absolutely nothing.

Other than that, nothing really caught my attention. Hades II is cool, but I also haven't finished the first Hades yet, so my opinion on it is very shallow. Really nice to see that they're making a sequel, though! Now if only I could find the time to boot up Hades on my Switch again... my Switch has been collecting dust in general. I don't have the new Pokemon game either, but I'm planning on buying it once two of my other friends do, so we can go on a journey together.

Also, I'm actually pretty excited for the Mario Movie! Since it's releasing on my birth-month, I'm planning on seeing it in theatres for my birthday. Likely with friends and family. (I actually did that with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 this year, too.)

The most eventful part of my day was probably watching the AURORA concert in Sky: Children of the Light. Prior to Sky, I haven't really heard of AURORA... but then during the concert I realized she made "Runaway", a song I've heard countless times. They played that song during the concert and my mind was blown. I might have to start listening to her more... her music is amazing!

This was also my first return to Sky in a long time. I'm still a little disappointed that work took away time for me to participate in the current and last Seasons. Maybe one day I can play this game more again.

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